We are specialists in the comprehensive management of waste generated by companies. Our service consists of 5 phases that we adapt to the needs and size of each client.

Waste minimization

Advice on improving production processes to reduce waste at source and, thus, gain storage space and reduce logistics costs.

Waste segregation

Comprehensive analysis to separate and classify materials in order to facilitate recycling and subsequent recovery. This allows a reduction in rejection or waste that minimizes the cost of management and reduces environmental impact, ensuring, as far as possible, compliance with landfill 0.

Waste collection

Installation of storage elements and subsequent collection of waste to make the most of the classification at source.
Llorens|gmr has a wide range of containers, compactors and machinery to provide you with the most appropriate instruments for your needs.

Waste transportation

Llorens|gmr is an expert in the creation of logistics systems that make it possible to reduce transport costs to a minimum through a modern fleet of authorized and homologated vehicles.

Rejection rating and recycling

All the technical and economic possibilities are exhausted to obtain those fractions that can be recovered and/or recycled (cardboard, plastic, wood, scrap metal, metals, batteries …). Llorens|gmr has five waste treatment plants where waste is recovered, classified and packed in order to get the most out of it for the customer.