The division of Llorens|gmr specialized in the confidential destruction of documents and certified destruction of series remains, counterfeit product, or not suitable for commercial use.

Our pillars are


Llorens|dc operates with protocols and technologies that guarantee maximum security when disposing of your data, avoiding the misuse of information.


Avoid any type of sanction with strict compliance with both the Data Protection Law and environmental regulations.


Beyond complying with the law, we guarantee that if you choose our service you are making a decision in favor of sustainability through recycling.

Our protocol guarantees the monitoring and control of your documentation at all times.

Collection of the merchandise with safe, closed and sealed containers.

Direct transportation to

our facilities.

Download in restricted area, access by fingerprint and video surveillance system.

Destruction according to standard

LPD UNE 15713.

Certificate with date and place of destruction, particle size and total kg.