Llorens|gmr has the post-industrial plastic film treatment and recycling plant equipped with the latest technology to guarantee the best color segregation process and the disposal of non-recyclable material.


Our recycling process comprises the following phases:
– Optical separation with which a PE purity of almost 100% is achieved.
– Washing to remove dirt and possible organic matter.
– Grinding and drying of PE particles.
– Extrusion and manufacture of recovery plastic pellets.
– Bagged in bigbags according to the client’s needs.


Llorens|gmr incorporates a closed circuit water treatment system, which allows the reuse of a large part of the washing water and the discharge of the rest in the required environmental conditions.


Our recycling system guarantees a circular economy, returning most of our clients’ plastic film waste to the market.
The product obtained from the recycling of used plastic film is equivalent in quality and price to first-stage plastic products.